Hi-tech off-road mobile
homes of premium class

Hi-tech off-road mobile homes of premium class

“Art-Studiya” is an exclusive representative of “A-M Caravan” on area of Middle East countries.

 We remade of chassis of Mercedes-Benz Zetros, Unimog, Gelendewagen, MAN and Kamaz to custom-made projects in luxurious, unique vehicles for hunting and fishing (mobile home).

Each vehicle is made to order, developed individually meeting the requirements of the customer, and is fulfilled promptly. Installed equipment into our mobile homes are produced by the best European manufacturers such as Dometic, TrumaHELLAWARNHartalWebasto and designed specifically for using in mobile living units.

The unique “3 pointed kinematic system” of fastening the large trailer of the all-wheel drive SUV to the frame of the chassis, allows the mobile module to work independently, on a diagonal twisting of the frame that is especially noticeable on off-road and cross-country terrain. Therefore, even on the roughest roads, passengers will feel comfortable, and due to the efficient salon design, the vehicle will maintain its original condition.

Our mobile homes can be added by special equipment to meet your requirements and used:

  • For travelling,  hunting, fishing
  • As portable ambulance
  • As portable laboratory
  • For motorcycles transportation 

and more another needs